This website was established as a continuation to my previous blog account,, which has already been terminated. Although my previous blog was a single-post endeavour, my interests in web technologies and information sharing grew, therefore culminating in purchasing a domain name and a web hosting service.

Website Focus

Majority of the posts would be focusing on computer/web technology related matters, although there could be a few category mixes here and there 🙂


Nickimaru is the nickname that I had thought of for myself a while back, although I can’t clearly remember its origins.


2013-12-26  Established and it’s one and only post.

2014-09-08 Terminated and it’s one and only post.

2014-09-08 — Established with hopes that it will have more than one post.

2014-09-09 Achieved second post mile marker, and looking forward to many more.