General Hearthstone Tips

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chongger is a professional Hearthstone player from Malaysia.

Hearthstone is a game where almost anything can happen. You never know if your Knife Juggler will be able to finish off that one health minion, or what will pop out of a Piloted Shredder. While this does keep the game fresh by having random encounters every time you play, it can get a little frustrating when things do not go your way, especially for new players who may or may not know what is going on. With that in mind, here are some general tips on improving in Hearthstone:

Understanding the cards

As with everything in life, it is always best to start with the basics, and in this case, understanding what each Hearthstone card is capable of. To be fair, not every card is going to be played in constructed/ranked mode, however it is best to familiarize yourself with the ones that are popular in the current meta. Should you not know what your cards are capable of, you may end up like Gormoksen:

Speaking of the meta, the next tip would be:

Knowing the current meta

Learning what popular decks are being played currently will heavily influence how you play your cards each turn, as well as what to look out for in an opponent’s deck. For example, if you’re playing a Warrior and you find that you’re against a Ramp Druid, you’d definitely be wanting to save your Executes for the big minions.

Watch and learn

Just like one of the daily Hearthstone quests, one of the faster ways of improving in the game is to actually watch and learn from others, especially when observing the veteran players (either from  spectate mode or watching a live stream). Observing other players gives you the opportunity to have a different perspective of the game. You can formulate your own strategy based on what cards the person you’re spectating has, and then compare your strategy with what was actually played to see which play produced better results.

Going at a slower pace

While it is sometimes a dread to watch Ropecoach, there is merit to taking your time in playing your turn. Weighing out all options instead of taking the most obvious play can sometimes determine the outcome of the match (especially when it involves counting for lethal).

Getting help

‘No man is an island’, and ‘practice makes perfect’. Two cliché phrases, nevertheless useful in improving in Hearthstone. Seeking out other players to practice decks or even receive coaching from veteran players is a good way of learning what your deck is capable of and learning what mistakes or better plays that could’ve been made.

Relax, and take a break

While there is skill involved in playing, a portion of this game relies on luck (or how much you pray to RNGesus). So, on days where your Unstable Portals are giving Wisps, or if the opponent’s Boom Bots are hitting your face for 4 damage each, you can always relax and watch other players get rekt’d by RNG and feel better about yourself.