Hearthstone – Top 3 TGT Cards for Future Tournaments

The recent Hearthstone card expansion set, The Grand Tournament (TGT), introduced 132 new cards to the digital collectible card game, as well as a few new game mechanics such as ‘Joust’ and ‘Inspire‘. New and veteran players are currently trying out different deck variations and strategies in order to increase their chances at climbing up the ranked ladder.

To no one’s surprise, even Malaysia’s own professional Hearthstone players are testing out the new cards and mechanics to increase their success rate at tournaments. Over the past few card expansions/adventures (Naxxramas/GvG/Blackrock Mountain), we have seen certain cards that have been the backbone or a must-have for certain deck archetypes (such as the infamous Dr. Boom, Loatheb and even Grim Patron). With that in mind, here are the top 3 TGT cards that could make a showing in future Hearthstone tournaments, based on the opinions of our professional players:

akiseraName: Wong Zi Wen
In-game Nickname: aKiSera
Account Region: Americas
Notable Accomplishments► GosuCup SEA 2015 #12 (2nd)
► MHOC #2 (Top 8)
► ZOTAC Hearthstone SEA Cup #10 (Top 8)
► AVF Gaming Freak Hearthstone Pro League (1st)
► ZOTAC Hearthstone SEA Cup #9 (1st)
► GosuCup SEA 2015 #11 (2nd)
► ZOTAC Hearthstone SEA Cup #5 (Finalist)
► GosuCup SEA 2015 #3 (2nd)
► MHOC #1 (1st)
► FSG Tourney @ Doi Chaang Coffee, March 2015 (2nd)
► GosuCup SEA Grand Final 2014 (1st)
► GosuCup SEA 2014 #9 (1st)
► Indonesia Fireside Bersatu Invitation #2 (1st)
► PJ Digital Mall HS Tournament (3rd)
► Malaysia FSG #3 Madtech (1st)
► Ethletes Hearthstone Tournament 2.0 (1st)

TGT Card Choice #1: Living Roots
aKiSera: This card can damage face, costs 1 mana so it’s versatile, can fill in the left-over (potentially) wasted mana crystal, deal 2 damage to remove a pesky Knife Juggler without the need to spend Wrath or Keeper Of The Grove on it, or summoning double 1/1 to threaten the existence of Leper Gnome or even get ready to be buffed by Power Of The Wild and Savage Roar! Great card, staple 2x for Druid regardless what archetype Druid is running.

TGT Card Choice #2: Murloc Knight
aKiSera: Shielded Minibot, Fencing Coach and then Murloc Knight is a great curve. It makes midrange Paladin way better, you also have the option of winning tempo with Muster For Battle + Warhorse Trainer, Aldor Peacekeeper or Fencing Coach and sudden need to change to Truesilver Champion or Consecration and the Hero Power can wait and it will still remain 0 mana cost from Fencing Coach!

TGT Card Choice #3: Varian Wrynn
aKiSera: If you are not being threatened by lethal or under pressure, Varian is a great card, at the same level as Dr. Boom in terms of calling for tempo or refilling your hand. Control Warriors are able to benefit from this card greatly and midrange/tempo Warriors will reap the most benefit from it.
But yea 10 mana, is ALOT of mana crystals.

Honorable TGT Card Mention: Argent Horserider
aKiSera: Just want you want in an aggressive face deck, don’t be surprised to find this card having 2x spots in aggro Paladin, face Hunter or other types of aggressive archetypes!

fizdarthName: Gary Gan
In-game Nickname: fizdarth
Account Region: Americas
Notable Accomplishments► Malaysia BlizzCon 2014 Qualifier (Champion)
► North America Ladder Season #7 (Legend Rank 13)
► North America Ladder Season #12 (Legend Rank 43)
► Hearthstone SEA Legends #6 (4th)
► Hearthstone SEA Legends #7 (2nd)
► Hearthstone SEA Legends #8 (Champion)
► Hearthstone SEA Legends #10 (Champion)
► Hearthstone SEA Legends #14 (Champion)
► ESL SEA Open #3 (2nd)
► ZOTAC Hearthstone SEA Cup #7 (Champion)
► NVIDIA Pro/AM Global Tournament (Top 16)

TGT Card Choice #1: Twilight Guardian
fizdarth: Quite surprisingly, the extra one toughness means 5/5 creatures can’t one shot it anymore. Midrange decks now can coin out a 3/6 on turn 3 to stem the bleeding instead of just casting a Twilight Drake.

TGT Card Choice #2: Mysterious Challenger
fizdarth: This card singlehandedly created an archetype by its own. After testing some games with it, the deck is really competitive even at Legends rank.

TGT Card Choice #3: Justicar Trueheart
fizdarth: This card singlehandedly changes how midrange fights with control. No longer will midrange decks lose steam so quickly and Hero Power can now be a new win condition.

royceName: Billy Chin
In-game Nickname: Royce
Account Region: Americas
Notable Accomplishments► Tavern Brawl EU Open #3 (2nd)
► Click-Storm Hearthstone SEA League of Talented Mages (4th)
► NVIDIA Geforce Amateur League's SEA Playoff (4th)
► FlipSid3 Tactics Conquest Series #2 (8th)
► GosuCup SEA 2015 #5 (16th)

TGT Card Choice #1: Ram Wrangler
Royce: My favorite deck would be Hunter. Well, to me, I think Ram Wrangler is pretty effective in the current meta as long as you have enough Beasts in board. The random chance of summoning King Krush is just unbelievable. Imagine turn 6 with such a Beast to turn the tides of battle, it’s definitely a great combo with Stranglethorn Tiger in mid-game phase.

TGT Card Choice #2: Varian Wrynn
Royce: Best suited for Control Warrior deck. Stalling your opponents and then keeping at least three minions in your deck that would turn the tables in favor of your game. With the 7/7 value and 3 possible Legendary and Epic minions combined, this will be mayhem. The problem only comes if you have a bad early game which would hardly reach the full potential of utilizing this card. Other than that, it’s simply too strong after turn 10.

TGT Card Choice #3: Murloc Knight
Royce: Judging by the current metagame, Paladin works well with this minion. I don’t have much to say as I don’t play much of it. The value of a 3/4 at turn 4 seems decent but still not that overpowered. Aggro/Midrange Paladin decks would best suit this cute little creature. Works in midrange decks perfectly for board control.

What are your current favourite TGT cards to play? Reply in the comments below!