UEM Sunrise Shuttle Service Schedule

UEM Sunrise is a Malaysian property developer that has various property projects around Malaysia, with some of them located in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. As part of the UEM Sunrise community, the property residents/staff members do enjoy an additional perk, which is the bus shuttle service within the Mont Kiara area.

Recently, they have updated their service schedule and have informed the residents/staff via the bus stop notice boards. I tried to see if they have an online copy of the newly updated schedule, however I could not find any details of it.

I have taken the liberty of recreating the shuttle service schedule into PDF format, for the convenience of others looking for the schedule. The current PDF document contains the temporary fasting month schedule. Once the fasting period is over, the PDF will be updated to reflect the everyday schedule.

Current UEM Sunrise shuttle service schedule is effective as of 22 June 2015.